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Why Tech Support is important for any business - whatever the size!

For the IT industry, the value of outsourcing or keeping work in-house is a vital question these days. There is a broader argument for both options, with the real underlying issue, which is better for business? With new and advanced technology systems being used across a multitude of firms, the support available is essential to keeping the processes running.

For employees with IT careers, the influence of this debate has also created many queries, with one main underlying outcome; choice. The success of these companies has opened up job opportunities including to work and develop within a main company, or to work for specialist firms in various fields.

The release of new technologies is inevitable. Microsoft publicised its Windows 8 in late 2012. The recent announcement for the results from the beginning of 2013, by Tech Support Pro, serves to highlight the merit of good support. The remote tech support provider was one of the first to offer Windows 8 assistance and received record setting traffic to their website in January for their support.

The Marketing Director for Tech Support Pro revealed “The traffic records for last month are a clear reflection of Tech Support Pro’s commitment to delivering reliable solutions to efficiently managing computer’s health and maintaining a fast-operating computer with minimum costs . . . Our dedication to providing straightforward, comprehensive and affordable remote IT support services will continue to reflect in our traffic reports, as we’ll continue to expand client database in 2013.”

The importance of good technology support for systems produced has not been lost on most businesses. Google updated its Google App Engine in February, adding the offer of tech support options to entice consumers away from competition. The level of tech support across the Google Cloud Platform ranges from a Bronze free option up to a Platinum package, with currently unnamed price.

Technology support is part of the customer experience. Employees within tech support jobs are being trained in all products and how to handle any issue efficiently. Within the Google service structure, customers paying above the Gold plan seem to be straying into requiring employee’s assistance in business analyst jobs offering best practise and development than technological support.

US research by market research and consulting firm Parks Associates was recently released predicting the high growth of technical support services. Influencing factors include cloud computing, the use of individual devices including smartphones and tablets, and the complexity of networks. The best placed companies to benefit from this growth rate of 14% over the next 4 years will be medium sized companies working with outside help.

Tech support can be treated as a commodity within the industry, as an extra feature for measuring quality, and to compete. The powerful influence of those working within tech support should be recognised by the business.