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RimoteTech IT

Our Service

We have been providing services to our clients across the UK and Ireland for the last 5 years. Whether you are a small business user with 1 computer or a you have a network of 50 our service can help you.

Our aim is to help make it easier for you to be more productive in your day, whatever technology throws at you.

With an increasing number of people working from home there is a need for a support service that extends out of the main office.

As you are less likely to have IT help at home from a work colleague Homeworker Support is probably even more valuable.

Our staff are highly experienced UK based and ready to assist you 24/7.

How it Works

So here is how we do it!

You initiate the connection over your existing broadband Internet connection, giving us control of your keyboard, mouse and of course your computer. You can even watch all of the activity on your screen.

How many times has the problem sorted itself by the time a technician arrives? We can work on your PC when the problem occurs seeing the errors and rectifying problems as if we were physically on site.

​For those times when there's no other choice, we can send a technician or arrange a collection, giving you choices and greater flexibility.

Our Expertise is in our Staff

​We use highly experienced UK and Irish IT Support staff to deal with your enquiries.

RimoteTech offers services that fit within the new economic climate, cost effective, efficient and most of all quick. Our expert team will work to develop a strategy with you. No computer is 100% perfect and when they break down you can guarantee it'll be when you most need it. We will get you back up and running as quickly as possible. It is a stress-free alternative to dragging your computer down to the local PC store.

For those times when there's no other choice we can send a technician or arrange a collection, giving you choices and greater flexibility. You decide whether time or cost is the priority.